Messy Mealtime Smock

By Charli Farrar - Intern To The Children’s Nutritionist

I was thrilled to receive the Little Chomps Messy Meal Time smock. From the very start of weaning, we have predominantly done baby-led weaning, as my daughter has always had an independent streak, and didn’t like to be fed by anyone but herself. 

This has meant a lot of very messy meal times and a lot of clothes ruined. No matter which bib I tried, she would always manage to get it the one place that wasn’t covered such as her sleeves or in her lap. I was really looking forward to trying this bib as it looked like it would really cover her everywhere…but I will come on to that later. 

I knew I was onto a winner straight away when the bib arrived and my older daughter, who is three and already a mini fashionista who refuses to wear a bib (apparently they ruin the whole ‘look’ for a three year old) wanted to wear it as soon as I opened the package. Size-wise, I wasn’t sure if it would fit a three-year-old as I had intended for it to be just for my youngest, however it fit her perfectly. She popped the smock on no problems and happily ate her dinner, no mess involved. The only problem I then had one that I only had one and my youngest was also dying to get her hands on it (whatever she sees her big sister doing, she wants to do too).

The bib was also a perfect size for my littlest too, so versatile, which means it’s great if you do have two children as you don’t have to carry various size bibs around with you while you’re out and about. The first thing I noticed was how great the coverage was. The material goes right down to the wrist on each arm and also covers the whole lap so if there are any spillages behind the tray (which is most mealtimes in our house) the food doesn’t get onto their legs. The sleeves are elasticated which means no food can sneak down the armhole either. There are also two popper fastenings, which not only makes it easy to pop on and off but also mean you can have two different fastenings so the bib can be a looser (or tighter) fit if you require.

The material is a soft, wipeable material (ours was in a lovely shade of red), which meant that it’s very easy to clean by just wiping it down after the meal. It has a ‘waxy’ kind of feel too, and to date, nothing has managed to penetrate the material and stain in which is a big thumbs up in our house (there is something about tomato stains that just don’t ever want to come out!)

We also loved the travel pouch that the bib came in – so handy to pop in the pouch, fasten up with the zip lock and slot into your baby bag for when you’re on the go. I’m already thinking it will double up as a smock once my girls get into arts and crafts too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Messy Mealtimes Smock to anyone for their little one, regardless of what age they are. I just wish I’d had this when I’d started weaning, it would have definitely saved a few more outfits!!

Fancy one? Head over to and if you choose ‘The Children’s Nutritionist’ at the checkout, they will send a little thank you to me for the recommendation!

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