Fussy Eating Awareness Week
21st-27th November
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What's it all about?

Fussy Eating Awareness Week has been created by Sarah Almond Bushell – an award-winning Registered Dietitian, ex NHS Consultant child nutritionist of 22 years and founder of The Children’s Nutritionist who is working to reduce the stress around mealtimes for parents of fussy eaters.

Driven by her own story of struggling to feed her son, despite her many years of clinical experience, Sarah is on a mission to open up more conversations around solutions to help overcome stressful mealtimes with fussy eaters, in a bid to support the thousands of families who suffer ongoing stress from this problem.

As a frustrated healthcare professional and parent, Sarah sought out the best advice from across the globe to help her understand what was at play with her son’s fussy eating. Learning from the most highly qualified specialists in America, who Sarah then trained with she has delved into the psychology of child development and eating psychology and feeding therapy to help initiate breakthroughs, both in her own situation and with her clients.

Sarah, who also consults for brands such as Annabel Karmel, Hovis, Tommee Tippee, and Aptamil, is now on a mission to spread this knowledge, which is still largely untapped,  much more widely, to bring tools and techniques to the table to help reduce mealtime stress.

She is also passionate about helping to cut the ties of generational eating habits, having seen that often the children’s behaviour is fuelled by our own ingrained unconcsious beliefs and habits from our childhoods around what mealtimes should look like.

She believes that sayings like – ‘if you don’t clear your plate there’ll be no pudding’ and ‘if you don’t eat your tea you’ll be having it for breakfast’ and ‘we’re not leaving the table until you’ve eaten that broccoli’ are all stress evoking, creating dangerous negative emotions around food and potentially fuelling later in life mental health challenges around food and weight management.

Instead Sarah is on a mission to share with us what science shows is the best way to parent around food and she hopes this will go some way to combat the misinformation that exists around how to deal with fussy eating and the desperation tactics that some parents resort to.

‘Making back up meals, bribing them to eat a vegetable, and tricking them with hidden ingredients only further fuels the fire and these approaches can cause further problems for the children as they grow up, and their relationship with food into adulthood can be affected’

During Fussy Eating Awareness Week Sarah will be hosting a 5 day challenge, sharing a range of tools and techniques she uses, which are scientifically proven to support the development of more positive food habits for fussy eaters and their families, with easy step by step activities and advice.

She is also using this week as an opportunity to reach out to the professionals who parents turn to for help – the frontline health professionals who are not specifically trained in this area, yet are expected to support parents who are struggling. She is working to share her specialist knowledge with them too so that they can create a positive ripple effect with families in their communities.

What's happening

throughout the week

From Monday to Friday during Fussy Eating Awareness Week, Sarah will be hosting the Happy Healthy Eater Challenge where she will be sharing with parents and professionals a range of tools and techniques she uses, which are scientifically proven to support the development of more positive food habits for fussy eaters and their families.

Join in by filling out the form below to learn Sarah’s easy step-by-step activities and get helpful advice.


‘Out with the old’ - Say goodbye to mealtime mantras that are doing more harm than good


Success Steps to help reduce stress & mealtime struggles


‘There IS another way’ - Introducing new positive habits


‘Let them eat cake’….managing sweets, treats and snacks


The 12 steps from fussy eater to fearless foodie

The Happy Healthy Eater Challenge is closed!

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I’m Sarah

I’m a Registered Dietitian specialising only in little people, and a mum to two children who test my expertise daily! Even though I have over 20 years’ experience and I’m regulated by law, I’m not just a regular Dietitian.

Yes, I can advise on optimum children’s nutrition and lovely recipes. (Who doesn’t love a blueberry muffin?!) But as a trained SOS feeding therapist, I dig deep into the psychology of eating to help you get food AND feeding right.

I digest the research and give you science-based facts so you can feed your little ones with confidence – and get back to the incredible job of being a mummy.

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weaning week 2021 bronze award

Raising money for hungry children

Access to my expertise will be free of charge but as an extension of my impact, I am hoping to make a difference and so am asking that people who join me make a voluntary donation to The Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of food banks, providing emergency food and support as no child should go hungry.

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my mission

I break through the noise to give proven nutritional advice to parents of babies and little people. I focus on food, feeding and the psychology of eating so that weaning is a breeze and fussy eating doesn’t faze you. I’m here to help you become a fearless food parent and raise happy, healthy eaters.



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