Want to know how to choose milk alternatives for toddlers?

I am often asked what is the best milk for toddlers after they stop breast or bottle feeding.

There are many options, from ‘toddler milks’ and follow-on formula to plant milks like soya, oat, nut milks and even milks made from peas!!

This blog will help you choose the best for your little one and your family circumstances.

15 nutritious vegan meals for kids and how to make them balanced

Happy Veganuary! Everyone is talking about going vegan once again and for good reason, it’s a healthy way to live not just for us but also for the planet. However, when it comes to bringing up your child on a vegan diet, careful planning is key. Therefore, I asked my good friend Gaby The Healthful Dietitian to summarise what you need to know, oh and of course, share some of the best vegan recipes on the web!

Top 12 plant based snacks for children

You can’t have missed how popular plant based eating has become. It’s good for us, it’s good for the environment and it can be healthy for our little ones too.