Baby & toddler lunch ideas – 20 different sandwiches

Sandwiches are quick and easy meals for baby and toddler lunches and make a fabulous baby led weaning lunch. They are also an ideal way to pack in nutrition as most little ones will happily munch on bread, and I’ve got 20 different sandwich filling ideas for you. But I’m often asked if bread is too salty for little ones…read on

Making Foods Fun by Annabel Karmel 

Toddlers make their eating decisions based on what the food looks like and at this developmental stage they are ‘magical thinkers’. This means that food really does need to be fun to be desirable. They use their imagination a lot and so shape, colour and how their meal is presented can make the difference between it being accepted or rejected.

I asked my colleague Annabel Karmel to write some recipes for us to inspire us mummy’s on how to make food fun!