Fancy Some Halloween Treats for Babies? Here’s some Halloween baby food recipes!

Little ones shouldn’t have to miss out on all the Halloween fun, my son’s first Halloween party (dressed as a pumpkin) was at 9 months old and my daughter was a baby witch at just 5 months! My friend and colleague Annabel Karmel has shared some of her favourite seasonal recipes with us so that little ones can have a flavour of the halloween festivities too!

Making Foods Fun by Annabel Karmel 

Toddlers make their eating decisions based on what the food looks like and at this developmental stage they are ‘magical thinkers’. This means that food really does need to be fun to be desirable. They use their imagination a lot and so shape, colour and how their meal is presented can make the difference between it being accepted or rejected.

I asked my colleague Annabel Karmel to write some recipes for us to inspire us mummy’s on how to make food fun!

A dairy Free Weaning Diet

This is a link to my guest blog for Annabel Karmel on a dairy free weaning diet for babies with cows milk protein allergy.

Cows milk protein allergy is one of the most common allergies in babies. If your baby has been diagnosed with this or if it has been suspected you will need to follow a dairy free weaning diet under the supervision of a dietitian.

Serve Food Family Style

Family style serving is when you present all the individual parts of a meal in separate serving dishes in the centre of the table (including dessert) and each member of the family decides what they want and how much they’re going to eat. 

Finger Food for 6 month olds by leading children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel 

Whether your baby lead weaning or following traditional weaning methods you will be offering your baby finger foods from around 6 months of age. But its often tricky to know which foods to choose, which are safe from choking and which are nutritious. Annabel Karmel shares her tips and three amazing recipes suitable from the start of weaning and beyond!