How to start baby led weaning and 30 nutritious recipes

Baby Led Weaning has different set of considerations than traditional spoon weaning and a lot of what you find online isn’t actually correct, so I wanted to put this blog together for you to guide you through when and how to start.

Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning?

If you are thinking about joining our Happy Healthy Weaning Course but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you and your baby, this blog will answer some of your questions and help you come to a decision.

10 Reasons to do an online Baby Weaning Course

There are books, baby groups and online courses that will guide you though baby weaning. Here’s why I think that online courses are your best option, and why Happy Healthy Weaning, in particular, is THE best course on there.

We’re ready to start weaning at 4 or 5 months. Is that ok?

The advice is to wean you baby at around 6 months but in the UK the average age of starting is 5 months and 1 week and I talk to lots of mums who have been advised to start sooner for reasons like reflux. Is this a problem? Read on to get my professional opinion.

Baby led weaning snacks and 25 nutritious ideas

You may be getting to a stage when you think your baby is ready for snacks in between their meals. Read this first to find out if he/she truly is ready. I’ll teach you how to craft a nutritious snack and you’ll also get a list of my top 25 favourite baby led weaning snacks with links to the recipes to make them!

Sensory Weaning

Sensory Weaning is a new term created by Tidy Tot which involves engaging all of your baby’s senses to encourage his or her learning experience of transitioning from milk to solid foods.