How to move on to stage 2 weaning and make great progress

Stage 2 weaning starts at around 7 months and is when things really start to get exciting! Gone are the simple purees or sticks of single well cooked veggies. Now it’s all about food adventures, tasting and trying a whole world of flavours. There are nutritional and developmental considerations too as well as balancing food with milk and your baby’s daily routine.

Weaning Week Awards Finalist


I’ve just found out that I’ve been nominated in three categories for the Weaning Week Awards!

I’m gobsmacked! But also delighted. 🎉

The three categories I’m up for are:

😊Best Blog

😊Best Instagram Influencer Account

😊Best Online Account

If I’ve helped you and you’d like to vote for me, here’s the link

Thank you 😊

What are the best baby superfoods?

Once your baby reaches 6 months of age, their nutritional requirements are much greater. Not only have they started to run out of their important nutrient reserves that they were born with (such as iron), but also as they are growing and developing, their bodies actually need more.