Do you know what the most nutritious store cupboard baby led weaning foods are?

I’ve had lots of questions these last few weeks from worried mums who were due to start weaning but are now concerned that they won’t be able to access the ingredients they need because of lockdown and so I thought I’d put together this post on weaning with store cupboard ingredients to show you that it can be done and to help you through it.

The best first foods for baby led weaning

So you want to have a go at baby led weaning but are not sure how to start? In this blog I am going to give you a list of the best first foods to start with from a safety point of view as well as a nutrition one, with a few tips, tricks and hacks to make get BLW adventures off to a successful start.

Making Foods Fun by Annabel Karmel 

Toddlers make their eating decisions based on what the food looks like and at this developmental stage they are ‘magical thinkers’. This means that food really does need to be fun to be desirable. They use their imagination a lot and so shape, colour and how their meal is presented can make the difference between it being accepted or rejected.

I asked my colleague Annabel Karmel to write some recipes for us to inspire us mummy’s on how to make food fun!

Finger Food for 6 month olds by leading children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel 

Whether your baby lead weaning or following traditional weaning methods you will be offering your baby finger foods from around 6 months of age. But its often tricky to know which foods to choose, which are safe from choking and which are nutritious. Annabel Karmel shares her tips and three amazing recipes suitable from the start of weaning and beyond!