Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning?

Are you thinking about joining our Happy Healthy Weaning Course but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you and your baby?

If so you probably have questions like:

What kind of results can I expect if I do the course?

What exactly is included in the course and how does it work?

Is the course suitable for someone like me?

Maybe you’re wondering how much time it’s going to take to get through it, whether it’s suitable for your baby’s stage of weaning or what the difference is between this and the NHS weaning courses?

Let me start by explaining exactly what the benefits are of my online weaning course.

Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist
Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist

1. How you will benefit from the Happy Healthy Weaning course

Far better than me telling you what the benefits are, here are the experiences of some of my past course Mums:

  • Jo was terrified of her baby having a food allergy but the course and allergy checklist made her feel much more comfortable about introducing those foods.

  • Rosemary said that weaning was much less stressful and much more manageable.

  • Emma said following the weaning routines means she knew when to offer milk and when to fit in food and since then her baby has been more content and is sleeping better. 

  • Kate said that her knowledge about nutrition has really increased and she now knows that there are different nutrient considerations for babies. She’s now studying a nutrition degree!

  • Leanne said that the course made a worried parent feel much more confident as she knew what to do and what to expect of her baby.

  • Sarah reported that she was keen to bring her daughter up vegan but was worried about her getting the correct nutrition but having regular expert help to answer her questions about vitamins and supplements made her feel much more confident about what she was doing.

2. Why do you need to learn about how to wean your baby?

Because babies are not mini adults so you can’t just give them the same food that we eat and hope for the best. 

They are much more precious than that and need a much more carefully planned weaning diet. 

But in addition how you feed them is important too, you need to know how to understand their cues and respond to them properly so that they grow up really enjoying food and family mealtimes. 

Believe it or not, babies don’t know how to eat. Weaning is the process of learning and your role is to be the best teacher you can be.

Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist
Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist

3. How much does it cost to join the Happy Healthy Weaning course?

The course costs $197 (which is around £150 to my UK friends) actually just £6 per week for the 6 months or so you’ll be weaning your baby on to solids.

4. What exactly is the Happy Healthy Weaning course?

Happy Healthy Weaning is the only baby weaning course that brings together the ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ of weaning. There are lots of courses out there that are simply just recipes!

What this means is that you’ll get information about choosing the right food for your baby in order to provide the nutrition they need  for their unique needs, but you will also get practical advice on how to feed them, whether that’s baby led weaning or traditional spoon weaning, you’ll come to understand what your role is in the feeding relationship and what you can expect of your baby. 

That’s why it’s called Happy Healthy Weaning, because I’m showing you how to grow a happy healthy eater, right from the start. A child who grows up having a healthy relationship with food!

Key topics include:

  • How to get started: What you need and how to know your baby is ready and whether baby led or traditional spoon is right for you

  • Baby Nutrition: Understanding the critical nutrients needed, vitamin supplements, foods to avoid and understanding more about sugar and salt

  • Food preparation: Storage and food safety, shop bought baby foods and snacks, desserts and baby drinks 

  • Feeding and how to respond to your baby’s cues: How to reduce the risk of gagging and choking and a timeline of what to expect and when based on their development

  • Moving on to stage 2, stage 3 and weaning at age 1

  • Bonus vegetarian and vegan chapter for those who want to follow a plant based diet.

5. Is Happy Healthy Weaning just for first time Mums?

Not at all. Whether this is your first or 5th baby, the expertise you will get and the knowledge you will learn will truly benefit your little one. It’s amazing how science progresses and baby nutrition guidelines change. There’s only 2 years between my two children but weaning was a whole different kettle of fish second time round!

Jenna joined Happy Healthy Weaning with her second baby because her first grew up to be a fussy eater. “I’m so pleased I did this, I realised while going through the course that I made so many mistakes with my first baby, my second child is now 2 1/2 and eats like a dream. I know I got feeding right this time”

6. We’ve already started weaning, is Happy Healthy Weaning going to be relevant for me?

Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist
Should you sign up for Happy Healthy Weaning? by Sarah Almond Bushell - The Children's Nutritionist

The course material spans the full 6 months or so of weaning, from first tastes to first birthday. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already started, I always advise the Mums on my course to just start the videos from the beginning and they always tell me that there were nuggets of information they didn’t know. 

It’s never too late to implement what you learn, even if you’re a few months in. It’s all about doing the very best you can for your baby.

7. What’s the format of the classes?

I understand you’re often on borrowed time when you have a baby and that’s why each class is delivered in short 5 – 15 minute lessons in video format. Ideal if you’re up doing night feeds!

There are also printable planners, checklists and cheat sheets to support your learning.

8. How quickly should my baby benefit from the Happy Healthy Weaning course?

From the very first day you access the course! If you implement what you learn, you will be doing the very best you can for your little one, giving them a really positive start for a happy healthy future.

9. How long is Happy Healthy Weaning?

If you watch all the videos back to back, it’s under 4 hours.

You can join Happy Healthy Weaning here.

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