A few people have emailed me recently asking what was inside the Happy Healthy Eaters Club.

So here’s a mini blog telling you exactly what you get.

A brand new masterclass every single month

Featured Experts
Featured Experts

Each month there is a new masterclass that takes a deep dive into a topic to teach you a technique so you can troubleshoot problems and grow as a super-mum! First, let me describe the six masterclasses we have available so far:

These are:

🍝Positive food parenting strategies delivered by me,

🍚Food safety for kids, in the kitchen and out and about by Jenna Brown @foodsafetymum 

🥗 How to help children try new foods by me

🍛Meal plan like a pro by Charli Farrar 

🍲How to prepare a months worth of healthy family meals with Siobhan Berry Mummy Cooks 

🛒And how to shop like a pro with Charlotte Radcliffe The Nutrition Consultant 

We’re only six months old and we have a brand-new masterclass released every single month. Our next one is on sensory processing of food by the amazing Munira from OT4Kids and launches in February!


Weekly Nutritionist Approved Menu's
Weekly Nutritionist Approved Menu's

Every week we’ll provide you with a menu that is nutritionally balanced, providing all the nutrients that your children need. We’ll also link to recipes too.

We know that getting the right amount of nutrition into your little ones can be a worry and so we wanted to take this away through our menu plans.

You can also rest assured that they will be quick and easy meals and snacks. That’s non-negotiable for us busy mummy’s!

It’s all about helping you feel rest assured that the food that you’re giving your little ones is nutritionally balanced while teaching them really good eating habits for a happy future.

Our community

Facebook Community
Facebook Community

Next up it’s our members-only Facebook community group.

They say ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and that’s why we know that having other like-minded mummies to chat to is so important. You can get involved as much or as little as you like. Sharing recipes, asking for tips or even being partnered up with another mum in the same position as you so you can encourage each other on while you fully implement what you learn.

Every month inside our community group we have a Q&A Facebook Live, because it’s not just what you know but what you do with the information that makes the difference.

I know from my 20+ years of working with mummies that success is in the follow-up. Therefore every month I’m here for you to answer all your questions and give you guidance so that you can successfully implement what you’ve learned.

If our masterclass is delivered by a guest, they will also be there too to answer questions for you.

And, just because I want you to know how much I appreciate you, every month there is a Member Of The Month prize awarded to the mum or dad who deserves it most.

Solutions hub

This is a library of Frequently Asked Questions, some are also delivered live in our Facebook community.

Solutions Hub
Solutions Hub

The Happy Healthy Eaters Club is always open for new members, it’s £42 a month and you can stay for as long as you wish (you’re never tied in). Here’s the link to join.

want 1:1 support?

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