The 8 senses involved in feeding

Learning to eat is the most complex sensory task that your baby has to do in his first year of life and it’s all managed and organised by the brain.

There are eight (not five) different senses that coordinate with each other when your baby eats. 

They are:

  1. Visual (sight)

  2. Tactile (touch, textures)

  3. Auditory (sound)

  4. Olfactory (smell)

  5. Gustatory (taste)

  6. Proprioception (location/orientation of self in space e.g movement)

  7. Vestibular (balance and orientation of self in relation to gravity)

  8. Interoception (the ability to read and interpret internal bodily signal e.g feeling hunger)

Babies who have lots of opportunities to use their eight senses have brains with a complex map of connections which improve their developmental skills, intellect and even influence behaviour!

You can help your baby at home during weaning, click here to Tidy Tot’s website and learn what you can do at home to help your baby’s brain grow!

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