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Welcome along! I'm Sarah and I'm here to help you with decisions around food, feeding and the health of your children.

I'll be chatting to 6 child health experts and globally recognised food & feeding brands who will be sharing the inside scoop on feeding kids.

Dont forget my exclusive end of summit masterclass called Let Them Eat Cake - Busting Myths On How We Feed Our Children at 8.30pm

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Welcome and what to expect followed by

Rosalind Thorpe – Nature & Nurture Children’s Vitamins

on why you should be careful about the vitamin supplement you choose for your child.


meet Sarah

I’m Sarah, a Registered Dietitian, Children’s Nutritionist and mummy from East Sussex. My blog is to guide & inspire you with information about weaning, nutrition, food and toddler feeding. Learn more about me here.

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Alex Glover – Holland & Barrett

on what’s coming in the future for children’s nutrition, the gut microbiome and how it affects their health in later life.

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Matt Collins – Samuri Kick Boxing 

on teaching life skills; discipline, concentration, self-confidence.

happy healthy weaning course

Happy Healthy Weaning
Are you ready to start solids with confidence?

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If you haven't already book your seat at tonight's Masterclass: Let Them Eat Cake - Busting Myths Around How We Feed Our Children


Camilla McGill, Parenting Expert from My Parenting Solutions on how to have stress free mealtimes

Grab Camilla’s fantastic guide ‘How to get your kids to listen to you without ever needing to nag or shout’

happy healthy eaters club

The Happy Healthy Eaters Club
Dreaming of family mealtimes without drama?

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Jen Unsworth – Tidy Tot

Developing happy, confident and independent eaters

on enabling parents with the tools and confidence to raise independent adventurous eaters. 

free quiz

Fussy Eater Or Problem Feeder Quiz
When your child wont eat. Are they a fussy eater or problem feeder? Take the free quiz to find out.

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Georgina Fotopoulos – Heinz Baby

on Heinz’s mission to improve the nutritional health of our future generation.

weaning free mini course

Get Ready For Weaning FREE Mini Course
Weaning soon? Take my free mini course to help you get ready.

Have you booked your seat for 8.30pm to watch Sarah's masterclass Let Them Eat Cake?

baby superfoods guide

baby superfoods guide
You're starting solids but do you know which foods are best?


Sarah Almond Bushell – The Children’s Nutritionist – Masterclass (live on Zoom) 


‘Let Them Eat Cake – Busing Myths On How We Feed Our Children’

 This is a private masterclass exclusively for those who have got the Zoom link. Want to join?

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