You're right at the beginning of your business journey

Here are the 4 key areas for you to work on first to get you started

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You have big dreams about being your own boss

You Love The Idea Of Working For Yourself

Waving Bye-Bye To The 9-5 And All The Red Tape That Comes From Being An Employee.

But you’re not really sure where to start, what to do first.

How should you manage your time?

Where should you put your focus?

How are you meant to create a strategy for all this success you were dreaming of?

There are some business basics that you need to implement before anything else so that you can start to make some money, attract clients and begin to grow a profitable business.

I’ve had three businesses, all ‘side hustles’ while I worked in the NHS, and the first two failed because I knew nothing about the business side of being a dietitian.

Now, however, I’ve just walked away from a 22-year long career in the NHS and a job as an 8b Consultant Dietitian.

And all because I’ve invested the last 3 years in business coaching, masterminds, and spent thousands on courses and experimenting to find out what works in our industry….

…and what doesn’t!

Mistakes happen, and in business they can be costly, setting you back years. This time around I’ve been able to quit the 9-5 and double my NHS salary.

And my only wish is that I’d learned all of it right at the start.

Next Steps:

Looking at your quiz answers, here are a few pointers of what you need to work on first to get moving forward:

  1. Find out who your ideal client is, what they need help with and how you can help them.
  2. Grow an online audience including your email list and your website, not just your social media following.
  3. Learn how to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ dietitian so that clients choose to work with you instead of the next dietitian.
  4. Learn how to package up your services and launch them effectively so that you have clients queuing up to buy them.


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