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I’m Sarah

I’m a Registered Paediatric Dietitian & Feeding Therapist with nearly 25 years of NHS and private practice experience. My team and I help families of children struggling with:

I’ve crafted a 6-week programme centered around the FEASTS methodology, diving deep into your child’s psychology of eating. We’ll explore the reasons behind their food choices, uncover the causes of their aversions, and guide you on the best responses. I know how it feels to wish your little one would try new foods, have a healthier balance, to avoid the bugs, or to long for drama-free and happy family mealtimes. With the FEASTS approach, I promise it is possible.

Our aims are to increase the variety of different foods your child eats, to increase the amount of food eaten (if required) and to make mealtimes stress free, happy family occasions. 

what it’s like

to work with us

step 01:

After you book your 6 week programme, you’ll receive our welcome pack with a pre-consultation questionnaire. We’ll give you some simple tasks to carry out and send back to us, so we can get a good idea of your child’s diet and how your mealtimes look before our 1st online consultation.

step 02:

Our first online consultation is an assessment with one of our fully qualified SOS trained Feeding Therapists who also have a degree level Dietitian or Nutritionist qualification. This takes place as a video call over Zoom, lasting approximately 90 minutes. You’re free to choose your own slot in our calendar.

step 03:

Next you’ll be invited to as many education sessions as you need. We do these a week apart so you have time to make the changes. The sessions are unique to your family’s needs and you are welcome to invite caregivers or record them to reflect back on afterwards.

step 04:

We’ll keep in touch throughout the 6 weeks via WhatsApp, Messenger or email because we’re here to support you, answer your questions and troubleshoot along the way. Then in week 6 we meet again via Zoom to evaluate progress, and chat through next steps. 

Some children go on to receive feeding therapy which is a 10 week programme where we meet weekly.

Our FEASTS method is unique focused on the psychology of feeding and sensory skills involved in eating, as well as food and nutrition. 

Let us support you to raise a happy, healthy eater.

Want to know more about our FEASTS method?

Fussy Eating Fixed - the FEASTS Framework

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frequently asked questions

Yes! Please explore above for more information, fees and booking.

We don’t accept payment by private medical insurance.

We can happily work with children up to and including the age of 18 (until they leave full-time education).

I don’t carry out allergy testing, but I may help you diagnose food allergies and/or intolerances by removing food and reintroducing it (where it’s safe to do so).

You can check our availability and book straight away, you rarely have to wait longer than a week. Please note that if you child is a fussy eater you will need to book a discovery call first, this is FREE of charge and is to help us decide exactly what help your child will need.

I’m afraid not, we are specialists in children’s nutrition.

Got a fussy eater?

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