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So you’re mummy or daddy to a gorgeous little person – and you’re determined to get food and feeding right. That’s fantastic! Because you’re in the right place.

If you want to know the official stuff, I’m a Registered Dietitian and SOS Paediatric Feeding Therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in helping parents just like you. You’ve probably seen my award-winning badges and noticed I’ve advised huge brands like Hovis, Annabel Karmel and Tommee Tippee. You may even know that I used to work as an NHS Consultant – the highest possible NHS position. But more importantly than all of that…? I’m a mummy too!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

When it came to weaning and feeding my two little people, even with all of my qualifications and experience, it was HARD. As soon as it was time to wean my firstborn, Charlie, I was so filled with anxiety that I wanted to cry. (Yes, seriously!)

I was overwhelmed by thoughts like:

  • How much food should I give?
  • Where do milk feeds fit in?
  • What if most of it ends up splattered on the floor?!

Isn’t weaning tough?!

When it turned out Charlie was anaemic and wasn’t growing as a baby should be, I needed nerves of steel and all the information I could get. With a whole load of scientific literature, trial and error, I was able to crack it. (And I put together my own step-by-step weaning process too, which has helped thousands of parents.)

But my challenges didn’t end there.

As a pre-schooler, Charlie went through a phase of refusing to sit and eat with us – even on Christmas Day! I was starting to see that weaning and feeding were about more than just what food you offer. This went deeper.

Reflux, intolerances and food phobias…

Just in case my expertise as a children’s nutritionist hadn’t been tested enough, there was my gorgeous secondborn, Maisie.

Poor Maisie had reflux and food intolerances, so she puked from day one. She literally grew up believing food hurt her, which spiraled into food phobias.

It felt like we were living a nightmare.

When I was at breaking point and none of my NHS colleagues could help, I contacted a child psychologist and feeding team in the USA. I supercharged my knowledge with specialist psychology training…and I transformed my food parenting style.

My breakthrough

At last I could see that the information us Dietitians are taught at uni and through our training – which is all about FOOD – was not enough.

The food you offer your babies and children is only half of the story.

The other half is the FEEDING part – because how you feed your children is absolutely vital.

That’s why my approach is so unique.

Many other ‘experts’ out there (often unqualified, in the online space) are only giving half of the picture. (Because that’s all they know.)

But with my specialised approach, I’m happy to report that Charlie went from food refusal to being a fearless foodie, & Maisie is no longer frightened of food at all – she loves a good curry!

You deserve a children’s nutritionist in your corner too!

Can I share another thing I realised from my 20+ years in top NHS roles?

It was that as much as I loved being a children’s nutritionist, I could only help parents if their children had a medical condition. But what about everyone else?

I believe that all mums, dads and carers deserve specialist support to make sure they do the best for their little people.

That’s why I make it my mission to provide you with the right information on your weaning and feeding journeys. (Both the food AND the feeding parts.)

I understand those worries. I have lived them. And with everything I’ve learned, I’m here to arm you with facts, confidence and a game-changing plan.

Here are a few ways I do just that.

where to next?

how I can help you

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Fussy Eating Fixed!

Tried everything and still your fussy eater wont eat? Designed for children with extreme fussy eating or ARFID, our evidence based programme supports you in fixing your child’s fussy eating. 

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The Happy Healthy Weaning Course

Through this expert-led course, I empower parents with the information you need to get weaning off to the perfect start (without fears over nutrition, allergies or choking – phew).

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The Happy Healthy Eater’s Club

When you’re ready to move beyond weaning and ensure your little one continues to thrive and avoid bugs and mealtime battles, this club has the ongoing support you need.

That’s me! So I’m all about

  • Nutritious and delicious food (which doesn’t mean no cake or chocolate!)
  • The how, why and psychology behind feeding (because I experienced the dramas of missing out that part! Now I’m here to help you through.)
  • And the positive food parenting (because getting this right is crucial if we want to bring up happy, healthy eaters.)

I know how much unhelpful noise is out there.

(Who are you meant to trust? Which advice should you believe?) I’m here to reassure you that you can trust me.

My advice is regulated by law and I’m passionate about giving you the right information, so you can say ‘yes’ to those happy mealtime memories.

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Definitely out. Preferably with my husband Ryan our two kids and our labradoodle Dustin

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Fresh flowers delivered to my door every fortnight

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If you want to feed your family well, I know you’ll love my recipes. They’ve been tweaked and tested to be healthier without sacrificing the taste. I use my skills as an enthusiastic home cook and ex-baker, and combine them with my knowledge of children’s nutrition and child development to create recipes that are perfect for the whole family. Take a look!

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